Student Council


Name : This organization shall be called the Davangere University,   Students Council, hereafter referred to as the Council. 


The student council will act as an umbrella body for all the clubs and committees on campus, ensuring their smooth functioning at each juncture. Apart from being the link between the students and the management, the Student Council will be responsible for the brand enhancement of the campus and will constantly strive towards making the experience of the student on campus comfortable and enriching. It will be the responsibility of the Council to ensure that all events, activities and interactions on campus are conducted in a manner acceptable to the culture and norms of the university. The Council will assist all clubs and committees on campus with their functioning and conducting of various other activities.


To build up the brand image of our institution on a global scale.


To encourage the academic, professional and personal development of the students individually and as a group, in order to achieve overall excellence.

It is also the mission of the Council to:

  1. Generate a sense of pride among the student community of being a part of the Davangere University family;
  2. Encourage a sense of unity and mutual respect between students from different backgrounds (social, cultural, ethnic and economic);
  3. Inculcate respect for their patients and teachers;
  4. Introduce students to life-long involvement in organized dentistry and providing service, information, education, representation and advocacy;
  5. Equip students with the skills and passion necessary to become community leaders and volunteers because community service is something which should be extended beyond dental school;
  6. Promote and assist in maintaining an academic and social environment free from prejudice, exploitation, abuse and ragging;
  7. Act as a link between the student community and the school administration in enhancing academic success, and sports and cultural achievements;
  8. Proactively involve in enhancement of quality of training and student care and contribute to various accreditation processes;


 A central coordinating body that symbolizes a consortium of smaller independent committees


The members of student council will promote the interest of learners among the college administration, staff, and parents.

The student council shall identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the University.


  • To bridge the gap between the students and the management
  • To address all grievances and complaints at the first level in order to ensure the smooth functioning at all levels.
  • To improve the campus experience of the students by ensuring proper maintenance of the infrastructure and other facilities.
  • To coordinate educational and recreational activities for students.
  • To engage in activities and to recognize the efforts of students involved in organizing college activities.
  • To maintain gratifying relations with mutual reverence, with staff (teaching and non-teaching ) and parents.

PG Topper’s invitation-2021

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