Best Practices


Best Practices

1.   Kannada fortnightly lab journal “Times of Davanagere” and weekly wall journal “Suddi Mane” is being published by the Journalism department which gives the students practical exposure in news reporting and editing.

2. Students News items, Letter’s to the editor and Articles are published in almost all the major Kannada daily newspapers in Karnataka.

3. Department of Journalism and New Media Studies students participated in Media Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums/National Seminars in different places of Karnataka

4. Teaching Methods

•  Use of ICT

•   Concurrent field work

•   Individual conference

•   Group conference

•   Case study

•   Interactive Session

•   Seminars & Discussion

•   Internal Test

•   Home assignment

5. Students Mentoring and Tutorials

•   Career guidance

•   Optimum use of education

•   Helping in employment

•   Helping in crisis situation

•   Developing self esteem

•   Developing communication skills

•   Leadership qualities

•   Life skills

•   Community voluntarism

•   Extension activities

6.  Students works in the deadline atmosphere of the journalism profession through their assignments in reporting, writing, editing and using presentation tools.

   • E-material such as Syllabus, Project Synopsis, Articles, E-books and links of Various E-resources are shared with P.G Students and Research Scholars via Google Drive, Google Classroom and other Platforms.

7. Encouraging students to attend the sessions of State Assembly and Local Bodies like ZP, TP and GP. Providing platform for making Interaction with the political representatives of different levels of political Institutions.  That will motivate the students to become a leader.

8. Food Technology Forum:   This forum was inauguration on World Food Day (16th October 2019) and also celebrated the world food day with inviting eminent scientist. Formation of this forum objective is to carryout various activities which will develop students as well as faculty’s knowledge under one forum.

9.  Internal Library: Some departments maintained internal library and have more than 250 books. This facility used by students as well as faculties.

10. Solid waste management, horticulture, Vermicompost are being planned.

11.  Healing Gardens: The Department organised a talk on “Healing Gardens” by Prof. Nandini Scientist FRLHT Banglore on -16/01/.2020.

          The talk mainly Historical background of Veda to present day conservation of plants. She stressed the habitat and utility of Medicinal plants to cure so many diseases. She emphasized the medicinal properties of medicinal plants being practice by tribal people and she educated the students how to maintain a environment and heal the surroundings by inculcating the best practices such as waste solid, liquid and e-waste management. The primary goal of plastic free environment is reducing and eliminating adverse impacts on human health and environment to support economic development and superior quality of life. Weekly observe the plastic free day and remove the plastic bags and dump at a designated bins placed at different locations of the campus. The collected plastic from dust bins located in various places of the college and disposed off to the dumping yards beyond the panchayat limits, which shall be processed by panchayat authorities.

12. Interactive sessions with students to discuss their difficulties in curricular and extracurricular activities.

13. Students were mentored for: career guidance, self-employability, rising self-esteem, communication skills, volunteering capabilities etc

14. Current Event Affairs: The department has arranged business newspaper reading in all the working days in each class room, in turn which helps the students to update about current events in the domain of commerce and trade.

15. Mentoring and Counselling System: The department conducts regularly mentoring and counselling for the students, which helps the students to share & resolve their academic and non-academic issues with the faculty members, since faculty members conduct the mentorship.