About Davanagere

Davangere is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the administrative headquarters of Davangere District. The city is located on NH4 (National Highway 4) at a distance of about 265 km from the state capital of Bangalore. Davangere became separate district in 1997; it was separated from the district of Chitradurga. Previously known for its cotton mills, it is a fast developing city of Karnataka. There was a time when the city was called Manchester of Karnataka due to its excellent quality of cotton produced in its cotton mills and hand looms.


Davangere is surrounded from Chithradurga,Bellary,Shimoga & Haveri districts. Davangere is at the center of karnataka 14.4644° N latitude, 75.9218° E altitude & 602.5 mts (1984 ft)high from Sea level, Davanagere district receives average annual rainfall of 644.0 mm.[3]

Davanagere lies in the Bayalu Seeme or the Maidan region on the Deccan Plateau. The district is bounded by Shimoga District, Haveri District, Chitradurga District, and Bellary District

Taluks in Davanagere District



Kunduvada kere (Mallikarjuna sagara Parivartita Kunduwada Kere) in Davangere, is a picturesque lake. It is one of the sources of drinking water for the city. Other one is a lake at T.V. Station that has a good view of sunset and is a popular picnic spot.

Bathi Gudda is situated 4kms from Davangere city towards harihara, from the top of this hill city looks beautiful. Beside this hill Bhadra sugar factory & Bathi lake are situated. you can even visit the Davangere Dairy located in Bathi, which supplies milk to Davangere & Chithradurga district.

Kondajji is situated around 12kms from Davangere city. Its a major scout & guides camp for south India which is named in the commemorance of Kondajji Basappa. In kondajji there are 3 hills, a lake & boating is available.

Soole kere (Shanthi Sagara) near Davangere, is a major water supply source and also second largest pond in Asia. It was built by namesake Princess Shanthi during 12th century. Now it is a water source for both drinking and agriculture.

There is a temple dedicated to Lord Siddeshwara near the lake. An Aqueduct designed by Sir M Vishweshwariah is also a major tourist attraction. The government is taking steps to spruce up tourist attractions in the area

Famous personalities from Davanagere

  • R.R.Srinivasa murthy (R.H.Family)
  • J.H.Patel (Former Chief Minister of Karnataka)
  • Dr.M.C.Modi(Murugappa Channaveerappa Modi)
  • Rajanahalli Hanumanthappa(Donator and Businessman)
  • Murugeppa Chigateri (Businessman and Philanthropist)
  • Ajjampur rangappa (arg Collage doner)
  • G.Mallikarjunappa(Politician, academician and Businessman)
  • Kondajji Basappa(Politician)
  • Kasal Srinivasasetty (Bapuji Association Founder)
  • Shamanur Shivshankarappa(Businessman, Politician and academician)
  • S.H.Patel(Politician, Scholar and Social worker )
  • Dr S.M. Yeli (eminent Doctor, Social worker and academician)
  • Bramhappa Tavanappa(Businessman and Donator)
  • Hasabavi Kottrappa (Businessman and social worker)
  • S.Kotrabasappa (Bapuji Founder)
  • Hariharada Kempuhonnappa(Freedom Fighter and Donator)
  • Devendrappa Tavanappa(Businessman and Donator)
  • Nagamma keshavamurthy(Politician)
  • Jayachandra Hasabavi (Businessman and Donator)
  • J.B Aradhya(Journalist)