About ICT:

Information Communication Technology (ICT) can be used to support teaching and learning as well as research activities including collaborative learning and inquiry. One of the main applications of ICT in higher education is curriculum development based on these new technologies.

Davangere University has a dedicated cell called “ICT or Computer Center” which is an umbrella that includes any electronic communication device or application, encompassing E-Office, UUCMS/E-Governance, NAD, Digi-Locker, Computer Labs, Seva-Sindhu, Web-Technology, Affiliation Software, Scholarship Portal, CSIR, Servers, NTPL-Swayam, MOOCs and anything related to software or computers in the University.


To support Academics, Research and Administration through ICT to maximize efficiency and to increase productivity.

Mission :

To provide a consolidated leadership in the maintenance, development and delivery of innovative computing and information technology solutions to support the effective teaching, better learning, quality research and transparent administrative goals of the university.


The objectives of the cell is to provide centralized facility related to Computers which includes maintenance of computers, software buying/installation, networking, hardware troubleshooting, and maintenance, online services initiated by Govt. and internet services.


Dr. Chandrakant Naikodi
IT Director ,
Davangere University.