Institutional Distinctiveness

 Institutional Distinctiveness


    Students Internship: From the department sending students to various food industries for internship. In this year also all the final year 24 students were internship done in different food industries. The objectives of the student’s internship are as follows.

  1.  Application of education and career exploration,
  2.  Gain experience and increase marketability,
  3.  To build networking,
  4. Learn how a professional workplace operates,
  5.  To build their resume,
  6. Gain professional feedback,
  7. Learn from others and

 Institution adopted five villages of kurki panchayat, it is one of the best distinctive vision of the University from the other govt. origination the university taken initiative  for the development and maintain  best hygiene practice in the adopted villages shorty web link developed and shade to the public 

            One day workshop was conducted to our students to inculcate the research ideas on Plant Genomics and Bioinformatics The resource person of the day Dr Kumar KM explained elaborately on plant databases and Genomics analysis, databases, gene sequence predictions, primer designing, sequence alignments, phylogeny studies, plant protein modeling and proteomics analysis, predictions, structure predictions of proteins, protein modeling, binding and site analysis in first two sessions.

          In afternoon session, also explained on phytocompounds, drug discovery, tools used for drug discovery, ligand and disease protein interactions, DNA interactions, plant peptide modeling and interactions, drug toxicity analysis and drug likeliness properties by admetSAR and Molest analysis.

          In The students were exposed to hands on training on admetSAR, drug likeliness properties, molecular docking tools and demonstration, protein structure predictions using online tools, visualization of docked poses, interaction studies, phylogenetic analysis etc.