About the Centre:

Jagjivan Ram, popularly known as Babuji, was a national leader, a freedom fighter, a crusader of social justice, a champion of depressed classes and an outstanding Parliamentarian of our country. His remarkable rise in public life saw him emerge as an eminent and popular political leader who devoted his entire life working for the welfare of the country.

Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies and Research Centre aims to take forward his ideas and  carry out an in-depth study into his contribution and to disseminate the basic tenets and values propounded by him. With the financial assistance by the State Government, Davangere University established Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies and Research Centre. The Davangere University is one of the youngest Universities in the country which has always been initiating new experiments and innovative programmes in the field of higher education setting its leadership edge in reaching the fruits of higher education to larger masses.

In this connection, Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies and Research Centre were inaugurated on 05/04/2021. The Centre is engaged in pursuing its studies and research pertaining to Babu Jagjivan Ram, his life and works, his illustrious political career, speeches and contribution to the development of the nation. The Centre, endowed with a practical outlook, is also endeavoring more to carry the ideals of Babuji to remote corners of city and rural belts. It is also joining hands with several Governmental and other agencies in reaching out valuable information of the programmes and facilities offered by the Government towards the cause of rural development, upliftment of the rural masses, women empowerment and betterment of the downtrodden.

Objectives of the Centre

  1. To study Babu Jagjivan Ram’s thoughts and ideals and their relevance to contemporary
  2. To study the impact of social-political and economic factors on Jagjivan Ram’s thinking and
  3. To compare and contrast Jagjivan Ram’s thoughts and ideologies with other socio-political thinkers in the context of reconstruction of Indian
  4. To establish Babu Jagjivan Ram’s perception of socio-economic
  5. To establish Babu Jagjivan Ram exhibition/museum.
  6. To Propagate the philosophy and ideologies of Babuji’s thoughts and their relevance to modern society by way of taking his message to rural areas by means of extension
  7. To offer courses at different levels on various areas and the ideals of Babu Jagjivan
  8. To undertake research on and about Babu Jagjivan Ram and his thinking and related.

Seminars and extension activities

The Centre conducts Seminars at state as well as national levels and extension activities both in urban areas and rural areas with an intention of propagating the ideologies and thoughts of Babu Jagjivan Ram. The Centre also conducts extension programmes regularly on topics of current interest including health, education, government policies and programmes for the welfare of the poor.

On 28/10/2021 Babu Jagjivan Ram lecture series was inaugurated by Hon’ble  A. Narayanaswamy,   Minister of  State for Social Justice and Empowerment of India.  The inaugural special lecture was delivered by Prof. Gangadhara B, Bangalore University, and Karnataka.

Future Plans of the Centre

The Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies and Research Centre is one of the important research Centres of the Davangere University which is engaged in research and extension activities reflecting Babuji’s thoughts on different issues and areas  relating to agriculture, economics, food production, defence management, labour welfare, secularism, social harmony, women studies and ideals of Babu Jagjivan Ram.

The Centre is also intending to include a paper on Babu Jagjivan Ram, his life and works as a CBCS subject for Master Degree students.


The Centre is planning to have a Babu Jagjivan Ram museum in which photos and available items depicting the life, achievements and career of Babuji are going to be displayed.


It is planned to develop specialized collection of books and other learning resources including e-resources on and about Babu Jagjivan Ram and other thinkers and as well on problems of weaker section of the society. The library of the Centre has a modest collection of books on  Babu Jagjivan Ram and areas of his activities and achievements in Kannada, English and Hindi. The Library is being contemplated to be named after Babu Jagjivan Ram where books on Babuji published in all languages are expected to be made available for the use of researchers and students.

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Dr. Vishwanatha H
Dept. of Studies in Kannada,
Davangere University,