• To achieve excellence in academics and research through national and international collaboration.
  • To harness the precious human resources drawn from youth force for the industrial and overall development of the nation through the pursuit of excellence in chemical sciences.


  • To ensure quality education.
  • To promote scientific temperament.
  • Assortment of theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • Pursue academic excellence through quality teaching, research and publications.


Department of Chemistry came into existence from June 2010. The dept. offers Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Reaction Mechanisms & Heterocyclic Chemistry, Radiation & Photochemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Organic Synthetic Methods, Chemical Dynamics & Catalysis. The department even though was run by guest faculty aimed at improving the overall performance and development of the students. The application of basic knowledge of chemistry brings the revolutionary changes in Industry and society.

Sl.No. I Semester   Sl. II Semester  
  Compulsory Paper Practical Paper No. Compulsory Paper Practical Paper
1 Inorganic Chemistry-I Lab-1 Inorganic Chemistry-I 1 Inorganic Chemistry-II Lab-1 Inorganic Chemistry-II
2 Organic Chemistry-I Lab-2 Organic Chemistry-I 2 Organic Chemistry-II Lab-2 Organic Chemistry-II
3 Physical Chemistry-I Lab-3 Physical Chemistry-I 3 Physical Chemistry-II Lab-3 Physical Chemistry-II
4 Molecular Spectroscopy-I Lab-4 Applied Analysis-I 4 Molecular Symmetry Spectroscopy-II Lab-4 Applied Analysis-II
Sl.N o III Semester   Sl. No. IV Semester  
  Compulsory Paper Practical Paper No. Compulsory Paper Practical Paper
1 Organometallic Chemistry Lab-1 Inorganic Chemistry-I 1 Coordination & Bioinorganic Chemistry Lab-1 Inorganic Chemistry-II
2 Reaction Mechanism &Natural Products Lab-2 Organic Chemistry-I 2 Organic Synthetic Methods Lab-2 Organic Chemistry-II
3 Radiation & Photo Chemistry Lab-3 Physical Chemistry-I 3 Chemical Dynamics & Catalysis Lab-3 Physical Chemistry-II
4 Analytical Chemistry Lab-4 Analytical Chemistry -I 4 Project Work Lab-4 Analytical Chemistry -II