About Logo

Emblem of Davangere University symbolizes its vision and motto. The logo is conceptualized and designed on the theme to save the planet earth with “Inclusion andSustainability through Education”.

Inclusive development follows human development approach and integrates the standards and principles of human rights: participation, non-discrimination and accountability. The effects of exclusion based on gender, ethnicity, age, disability, poverty etc, are staggering, and deepening inequality across the world. Development can be inclusive only if all groups of people contribute to creating opportunities, share the benefits and participate in decision-making.

Sustainable Development is seeking to meet the needs of the present withoutcompromising those of future generations. It is a vision of development that encompasses populations, animal and plant species, ecosystems, natural resources and the needed integrated concerns.

The outline of faces in the logo depicts the youth power moving ahead with a mission for all types of development for humanity. The leaves on either sides of globe signify the sustainable approach to protect the environment/earth. The book symbolise the knowledge which is open to everyone to achieve the end.

The motto is a famous saying in Sanskrit Tamaso maaJyotirgamaya meaning “From Darkness lead me to Light”. This light of awareness can only be through education. The colour scheme of the logo relates to the atmosphere, colour brown is for mother earth (soil), orange for learning, green for life and environment, and colour yellow for expansion.