Dr. Gayathri Devaraja  M.Sc.,Ph.D.

Registrar, Davangere University


Prof. Gayathri Devaraja is currently serving as Registrar at Davangere University, Davanagere.

Dr Gayathri Devaraja, Professor, Department of Studies in Microbiology, Davangere University has a career spanning more than 25 years of Teaching, Research and Extension experience with societal orientation in all of it. She has published 100 plus peer reviewed research papers, undertaken five major projects, awarded six PhD degrees and has received awards and recognitions from various state, national and international governments/ institutions. Her visits to international institutions like International Vaccine Institute (IVI), South Korea, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia etc have enriched the research and innovation areas. Molecular biology trainings at JNU, New Delhi and IISc, Bengaluru have provided her an extra edge for collaborations and project developments.

Being an awardee of Dr. Kalpana Chawla Young Women Scientist by Government of Karnataka, she is an ardent believer in upbringing the rural talents particularly in science research. As Dean of Science Faculty and Director, IQAC, has developed various programmes and policies for academic excellence. Many policies are first of its kind.

Prof Gayathri has played a pivotal role in streamlining and developing different regulations, establishing inception of seed money for young talented teachers and students, IP Cell, Urban Mini Forest creation, USIC, Device Development Centre, Solid Waste Management Unit, Biogas Unit, Incentives and recognition for teachers, non-teaching staff and students to name a few.

Prof Gayathri has conducted various landmark programmes (including the recent NEP related workshops and seminars) at the University level by inviting National/ Internationally reputed resource persons/ personalities. She is instrumental in organising various training programs for rural young women to promote self employment.

She is a comprehensive communicator with astounding team management skills and practical experience in networking with various partnering institutions, agencies focussing on the overall interest and growth of all stakeholders. She is known for her swift, vigilant administration with precision yet being supportive to all innovative ideas from all stakeholders. She has initiated industry-aligned collaborations and renowned Centers of Excellence which are a testament to her sincere endeavor to develop the ability and passion for hard work, determination and success in each stakeholder.

As the Director, Skill Development Cell, tendered to train and develop professionals equipped with the right skills to contribute to society at large. She believes in the creation and promotion of an intellectual network of people, whose commitment and drive turn them into change-makers and leaders of tomorrow. Even during worldwide interruption of all activities forced due to the Covid-19, she shifted the University immediately to online learning, to serve as the educational platform, transforming challenges into opportunities.

She firmly believes in Academic and Research excellence as a strong driving force for rural upliftment along with clean, transparent administration, reachable to all stakeholders in Davangere University. She aims to achieve highest credibility for Davangere University by making it an institution par excellence at global level. Her manthra for success is Work is Worship and reach the unreached in rural areas through education is the mission.