The Department of Sociology was established in 2010 with the intention of social development and Social reconstruction in the Jurisdiction of this University.  The Department has very good mixture of teaching and research orientation on comprehensive social issues like social structure, functions, development, change, mobility, progress and technological dimensions.  It Stress on students ability to reach future goals and help to build new Social atmosphere.  The  Department has its own Sociology forum and organized several special lectures by eminent personalities on Various Social issues.  The Department is good in an Academic Potential, comprising a faculty known widely for their research and teaching abilities.


The Vision of the Department is  Social engineering to reconstruct the society  through human rights based society and egalitarian social values  for the future days.


  • To Promote Quality teaching and learning
  • To Contribute  to inclusive development of nation .
  • To Create  Social awareness among  students for constructing good society.
  • To Create leadership Quality and Encores Students to practice this.
  • To Create good Citizens for developed of the
SL.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Field of Specialization
01 Dr. I.B.Cirappa. M.Com., MBA Ph.D Co-ordinator


Accounting and Finance
02 Dr. K . Papannanavar


MA., Ph.D. Teaching Assistant & Asst. Co-ordinator Gender Studies, Sociology of Development.
03 Dr.Ramachandrappa .S MA., Ph.D. Geust Faculty Political Sociology.
04 Dr. Bhagyamma.N MA., Ph.D. Geust Faculty Sociology of Education.

M.A Sociology  Students Details

SL. No Years Total Number of Students
01 Ist year  Sociology 41
02 IInd Year Sociology 37