Department of Microbiology is situated in beautiful, green and hallowed campus named Shivagangotri. The Department offers Microbiology education to students at post-graduation level. All the students who have passed degree in biological sciences are eligible for this course. The department also offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses in Microbiology. The courses cover both basic and applied aspects of Microbiology like Microbial Morphology, Taxonomy, Physiology, Genetics, Environmental Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Agricultural Microbiology, Phytopathology, Food Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, Immunology and Biotechnology. The students are required to submit a dissertation based on experimental/review work. The Department has qualified, experienced and highly motivated teachers. All types of audio-visual equipments are available for knowledge transfer. This Department is one of the leading centers in Microbiology education in Karnataka state carving its own niche. The basic training in microbiological methods and sound theoretical background make the student an appropriate candidate to take-up research program and also competent enough to join Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Food, Agriculture and allied industries. The practical training is exemplary including hands-on experience in most of the microbiological techniques. Field trips and industry/institute visits are compulsory component of the curriculum. In order to encourage the students to take up research program every year the department is organizing special lecture series and seminars by inviting scientists from reputed institutes and eminent scholars from other universities. These programs are highly useful for providing a platform for direct interaction of students with eminent scholars. So far, the department has organized nine seminars and two workshops. Many scientists and emeritus professors are acting as visiting faculty to deliver lectures pertinent to the current context. The students who have finished successfully the M.Sc. course have joined research institutes, industries and universities. Several students have successfully passed UGC /CSIR-NET/SLET/GATE examinations.

Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
Dr. Shishupala S. M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor and Dean
Dr. Gayathri Devaraja M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dr. Ramalingappa M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chairman
Number of Guest Faculty : 4


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